190 Express rifle




Express Rifle




Single Trigger


Over & Under, rifled


Straight, pistol grip

Sabatti 190 Express: a reliable and accurate big game hunting rifle

The Sabatti 190 is an “Express” rifle – an over-and-under, double-barrel hunting rifle – designed and built to offer robust construction features, reliability and accuracy for big game hunting.

The robust receiver is manufactured out of a single forged block of high strength steel, and features a set of manual extractors.

The barrels are hand-coupled following high-quality standards to ensure a high level of accuracy and consistency in their performance over time.

A raised rib hosts the rear and front sight, both equipped with fiber-optic inserts for quick and instinctive alignment; the rib will also readily accept optics mounts.

The stock – also featuring a well pronounced pistol grip and a cheek rest – and the handguard are hand-made out of selected walnut and are hand-checkered and oil finished.

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Technical specifications

Use: Hunting

Tipology: Express Rifle

Action: Break-Action

Trigger: Single Trigger

Barrels: Over & Under, rifled

Stock: Straight, pistol grip

Identification Code: X190

Brand: Sabatti

Model: Express 190

Locking system: A tassello inferiore

Receiver: Anson & Deeley modified Boxlock

Receiver material: Steel

Feeding: Manual

Magazine capacity: 2 shots

Trigger weight: 1,8-2 kg / 4-4.40 lbs

Safety: Manual, sliding button

Ejectors: Manual

Sights: Fiber optics adjustable rear and front sight

Rib: Partial, with drilled and tapped screw holes

Scope mounts: Drilled and tapped screw holes

Rifling: Sabatti Standard

Barrel lenght: 60 cm / 23.6"

Barrel material: Steel, cold hammer forged

Barrel finish: Blued

Forearm: With bottom release lever

Stock material: Walnut

Stock finish: Checkered and oil finished by hand

Lenght: 104 cm / 41"

Weight: 3,3 kg / 7.3 lbs


7x65R (220 mm twist)
.30R Blaser (280 mm twist)
.30-06 Springfield (280 mm twist)
.308 Winchester (280 mm twist)
8x57JRS (240 mm twist)
9,3x74R (360 mm twist)
.45-70 Government (508 mm twist)


  • High strenght steel action
  • Manual ejectors
  • Single trigger
  • Cold hammer forged barrels
  • Fiber optics rear and front sights
  • Optics ready rib
  • Oil finished walnut stock


  • Double trigger
  • Barrels in other calibers

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