Where shooters and hunters live with their preferred weapons

01 Hunting

The Hunting World is the one where the Sabatti guns come from, over three centuries ago. Still today, the passion and the desires of the hunters are of great importance in the development and production of Sabatti hunting rifles and shotguns.


02 Precision Shooting

The Precision Shooting World is the one where the Sabatti rifles have always given the best of itself, thanks to the production quality and the wide experience that the company has acquired in over than three hundred years of history in barrel making.


03 Tactical Shooting

The Tactical Shooting World has developed tremendously over the years, both in professional and sporting environments, requiring gun manufacturers to realize ever more reliable and performant rifles: something that Sabatti has always been able to do.


04 Clay Target Shooting

The Clay target Shooting World might seem not to belong to the Sabatti gun making tradition, but is not so. Few but good, the characteristics of the Sabatti sporting shotguns fear no comparisons and are able to compete with the best in the world.



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