The Sabatti MRR rifling

The Sabatti MRR multi-radial rifled barrel technology is an example of the Company’s signature focus on technical and technological evolution.

The MRR barrels perfectly exemplify Sabatti unending quest for technical perfection in the manufacture of firearms that will provide superior levels of performance.

MRR - Multi Radial Rifling

The multi radial rifling of the barrels is for sure one of the reasons why the Sabatti bolt-action rifles have become so famous and appreciated all over the world.

Sabatti MRR barrels adopt in fact a rifling profile that has been developed to provide superior performances in long range precision shooting, for both sport or hunting purposes, further improving the already optimal ballistics of the Sabatti conventional riflings.

Our objective was to create barrels that would offer superior performance for our competition and tactical precision rifles. Sabatti standard rifling pattern barrels already achieved sub-MOA groups at 200 meters, but we wanted to bring that level of accuracy to longer ranges even with commercial ammunition.

When passing through a Sabatti MRR barrel, the bullet will not be engraved by the rifling, but rather deformed by it, resulting in a better adherence of the bullet itself to the barrel walls if compared to polygona rifled barrels.

This relieves the bullet from excessive stress and increases the service life of the barrel – an important feature, particularly on long-range sport shooting and tactical rifles, which normally undergo much more use than hunting rifles.

The forcing cone geometry on MRR barrels is also different than on standard barrels, allowing bullets to better engage the rifling via a better alignment with the barrel axis.

All tests – carried on during the years both at the range and on the field – have repeatedly shown that Sabatti MRR multi-radial rifling offers a higher average level of accuracy with any sort of commercial load, be it standard jacketed rounds or monolithic bullets.

All the Sabatti barrels will always, constantly return sub-MOA groups at 100 meters: it’s granted. But giving such a guarantee at even higher ranges with commercial loads isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Sabatti MRR rifling is particularly well apt to be obtained by cold hammer forging – a manufacturing process used for superior quality barrels. This process allows Sabatti to obtain tighter tolerances, resulting in higher average muzzle velocity levels and tighter groups on target if compared with standard rifling patterns.

Sabatti MRR barrels also drastically reduce the number of flyers on target and are less prone to copper residues build-up, making maintenance easier.

Sabatti MRR barrels push the concept of “shooting accuracy” well beyond the standards we all were used to.


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