The Sabatti ACTIONS

The action is the centerpiece of any rifle, carbine or shotgun – the one around which all the other components are created.

Sabatti proudly manufactures some of the best rifle actions currently available on the international market to be made on an industrial scale.

Because a quality design and solid manufacturing are what the most of the overall quality and performance of a firearm depends from.

Bolt-Action rifle actions

Whether they are installed in a steel receiver or a high-strength aluminum alloy receiver, the actions used on Sabatti bolt-action rifles are peerless.

The quality of manufacturing materials and that of the manufacturing process itself – carried on with state-of-the-art tooling and CNC machines – make the Sabatti rifle actions the sturdiest, most accurate and reliable that you may ever wish for.

Break-open actions

The actions and receivers of side-by-side and over-and-under break-open shotguns reached unprecedented levels in terms of pure design and reliability in the past century.

What tells a firearm apart from another – and a manufacturer from another – regardless of how similar they may seem is the manufacturing quality of the action itself, which in turn is consequent to the history and experience of the manufacturing company. And all through its history, Sabatti acquired a lot of experience.

Express rifle actions

Side-by-side or over-and-under, our double rifles are built around very sturdy and reliable locks, entirely engineered and manufactured by Sabatti.

Unlike a break-open hunting shotgun, a double rifle must be extremely well engineered and solidly built-in order to safely handle the most powerful ammunition – and both factors are well visible in our double rifles.


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