The Sabatti BARRELS

The history of the Val Trompia region is the history of a people that dedicated its existence for centuries to the manufacture of quality firearms.

The Sabatti family has always been one of the most active in the industrial history of this region, covering all the squares of gun making, but as the years went by it developed a significant experience in the manufacture of barrels, both rifled and smoothbore.

All the Sabatti barrels are manufactured entirely in-house, using the best-available materials and technologies – including cold-hammer forging processes that will guarantee high quality standards in terms of both accuracy and service life.

Available in all the most popular commercial calibers, as well as in some special chamberings, the Sabatti barrels are world-renowned for their quality; the Sabatti company is also a prime supplier of finished or semi-finished barrels to some of the world’s biggest names in the International firearms Industry.

The manufacturing technolgies of the Sabatti rifled barrels make practically superfluous any break-in activity.

Quality of the materials and the production processes ensure to the Sabatti rifled barrels top shooting accuracy since their very first use.

The only thing you have to 'break-in' are your shooting skills.


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