Classic 92 Express rifle




Express Rifle






Side by Side, rifled


Straight, pistol grip

Classic 92 Express rifle


Starting at 3.067,00 €

Sabatti Classic 92 Express rifle: old-fashioned charm

The Sabatti Classic 92 is an “Express” rifle (a double-barrel hunting rifle) with a very traditional feel.

The robust receiver is manufactured out of a single forged block of high-strength steel.

The barrels come from factory equipped with manual extractors and are cold hammer-forged out of special steel. The barrels are hand-coupled following high-quality standards to ensure a high level of accuracy and consistency in their performance over time.

A raised rib hosts the rear and front sight, both equipped with fiber-optic inserts for quick and instinctive alignment; the rib will also readily accept optics mounts.

The stock – also featuring a well pronounced pistol grip and a cheek rest – and the handguard are hand-made out of selected walnut and are hand-checkered and oil finished.

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Technical specifications

Use: Hunting

Tipology: Express Rifle

Action: Break-Action

Trigger: Standard

Barrels: Side by Side, rifled

Stock: Straight, pistol grip

Identification Code: CL

Brand: Sabatti

Model: Classic 92

Locking system: A tassello inferiore

Receiver: Anson & Deeley modified Boxlock

Receiver material: Steel

Feeding: Manual

Trigger weight: 1,8-2 kg / 4-4.40 lbs

Safety: Manual, sliding button

Ejectors: Manual

Sights: Fiber optics rear and front sight

Rib: Partial, with drilled and tapped screw holes

Scope mounts: Drilled and tapped screw holes

Rifling: Sabatti Standard

Barrel lenght: 60 cm / 24"

Barrel material: Steel, cold hammer forged

Barrel finish: Blued

Forearm: With front release button

Stock material: Walnut

Stock finish: Checkered and oil finished by hand

Lenght: 106 cm / 42"

Weight: 3,2 kg / 7 lbs


7x65R (220 mm twist)
.30R Blaser (280 mm twist)
8x57JRS (240 mm twist)
9,3x74R ( 360 mm twist)
.45-70 Government (508 mm twist)


  • High strenght steel action
  • Manual ejectors
  • Single trigger
  • Cold hammer forged barrels
  • Fiber optics rear and front sights
  • Optics ready rib
  • Oil finished walnut stock


  • Double trigger
  • Barrels in other calibers


On all Sabatti firearms is possible to request various kind of preparatory or accuratization interventions, realized by the Sabatti Custom Shop, with application of additional costs on the base price of the gun.

For more information we invite you to visit the Sabatti Custom Shop page.

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