Urban Sniper


Sport / Tactical Shooting








Rifled, fluted


Thumbhole, adjustable

Sabatti Urban Sniper: the simple and affordable tactical rifle

The Sabatti Urban Sniper is a versatile precision rifle designed as a multipurpose tool, capable of getting all your bases covered – from most precision sport shooting to tactical applications on urban terrain.

The three-locking lug steel bolt, with a 60-degrees bolt throw and an interchangeable cocking knob, is fluted for a quick and smooth operation.

The heavy barrel features Sabatti excellent, award-winning MRR multi-radial rifling, as well as an interchangeable muzzle brake.

The Thumbhole-style stock is manufactured out of fiberglass-reinforced Nylon for top-notch rigidity and absorption of vibrations; the design makes it perfect for operating both from a static position or on the move. The stock also features an adjustable cheek riser, a set of factory-issued spacers to extend the length of pull, and both standard and quick-detach sling rings.

The Sabatti Urban Sniper rifle feeds through detachable Accuracy International AICS-compatible magazines and comes from factory with two MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail interfaces – one over the receiver for optics, a shorter one underneath the handguard for a bipod.

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Technical specifications

Use: Sport / Tactical Shooting

Tipology: Rifle

Action: Bolt-Action

Trigger: Standard

Barrel: Rifled, fluted

Stock: Thumbhole, adjustable

Identification Code: URBSN

Brand: Sabatti

Model: Urban Sniper

Action material: Steel

Bolt: 3 lugs, chromed steel, fluted

Feeding: Manual

Magazine: Polymer, removable

Magazine capacity: 7 rounds

Trigger weight: 1,1 kg / 2.4 lbs

Safety: Manual

Sights: None

Scope mounts: Picatinny rail (supplied)

Rifling: Sabatti MRR (Multi Radial Rifling)

Lunghezza canna: 51 cm / 20"

Materiale canna: Steel, cold hammer forged

Muzzle diameter: 22 mm

Muzzle thread: Yes, with muzzle-brake

Stock material: Polymer

Lenght: 100 cm / 39,4"

Weight: 4,6 kg / 10 lbs


6,5x47 Lapua (8” MRR twist)
6,5 Creedmoor (8” MRR twist)
.308 Winchester (11,5” MRR twist)


  • 3 lugs bolt steel action
  • Standard trigger
  • MRR rifled, cold hammer forged barrel
  • Picatinny rails for optics and bipods
  • 7 shots AICS compatible magazine
  • Thumbhole polymer stock, adjustable


  • Match trigger
  • 0-10-20 MOA Picatinny rails


On all Sabatti firearms is possible to request various kind of preparatory or accuratization interventions, realized by the Sabatti Custom Shop, with application of additional costs on the base price of the gun.

For more information we invite you to visit the Sabatti Custom Shop page.

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