Rover All Around










Rifled, interchangeable



Sabatti Rover ALL AROUND bolt-action hunting rifle

The Sabatti Rover All Around rifle uses the 7075 aluminum alloy Sabatti Rover action, machined out of a solid billet and comes with an integral Picatinny rail allowing the mount of riflescopes or other aiming devices.

The Sabatti Rover three lugs action is one of the best in the market, with a chromed bolt and the Sabatti standard trigger group, factory adjusted at 1kg / 2.2lbs.

Cold hammer forged, the Sabatti Rover All Around heavy barrel comes with the Sabatti MRR multi-radial rifling, with a 19mm / 0.75”threaded muzzle and is 45cm (18”) long.

The polymer stock is a traditional Sabatti thumbhole with rubber buttplate. Overall weight is 2,9 kg / 6.4lbs and the rifle is chambered in only one caliber: the .308 Winchester.

An essential, concrete rifle, with an optimal speed of tilting and sighting accuracy, ready for any kind of hunting use.

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Technical specifications

Use: Hunting

Tipology: Rifle

Action: Bolt-Action

Trigger: Standard

Barrel: Rifled, interchangeable

Stock: Thumbhole

Identification Code:

Brand: Sabatti

Model: Rover All Around

Action material: 7075 Aluminum alloy

Bolt: 3 lugs, blued steel

Feeding: Manual

Magazine: Polymer, removable

Magazine capacity: 3 rounds

Trigger weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs

Safety: Manual

Sights: None

Scope mounts: Picatinny rail integral to the action

Rifling: Sabatti MRR (Multi Radial Rifling)

Lunghezza canna: 45cm / 17.7”

Materiale canna: Steel, cold hammer forged

Muzzle diameter: 19mm / 0.75”

Muzzle thread: Yes, with protective cap

Stock material: Polymer

Stock finish: -

Lenght: 98cm / 38”

Weight: 2,9 kg / 6.4 lbs


.308 Winchester


  • Three lugs, 7075 aluminum alloy action
  • Standard trigger
  • Cold hammer forged barrel, MRR rifling
  • 3 shots polymer removable magazine
  • Two positions safety, with bolt stop
  • Polymer Thumbhole stock


  • Trigger with Stecher, Match trigger

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