Inviting Italian gun shop owners and journalists from the main Italian Industry publications, Sabatti has presented the new Sabatti Rover family of bolt-action rifles.

The presentation event has been hosted inside the brand new Sabatti Showroom: a stylish and bright structure, equipped with a large display space, inside which for the event has been set-up a mini photo studio where journalists have been given the opportunity to shoot quality pictures of the new rifles.

Download the brochure of the new Sabatti Rover family of rifles...

The new Sabatti Rover rifles are part of a modular, multipurpose, customizable family of bolt-action rifles that comprises a broad choice of possible uses and styles, from classical hunting to target shooting to tactical applications. The variants available at the moment are ten, each one of them with specific barrels, characteristics and finishes.

The new Sabatti Rover rifles have been presented by Emanuele Sabatti himself - CEO of the company - who gave to the journalists a detailed description of the main technical characteristics and the design philosophy behind this new Sabatti Rover family of rifles.

The whole new Sabatti Rover family of rifles is already available for orders to all international distributors, except for the .223 Remington chambering, which is planned to be available from next Autumn 2022.