The new Sabatti STR Sport rifle stands out for the mix of technology and design of the new stock, the action and the barrel, that make it suited to any kind of precision shooting activities.

The STR Sport rifle features Sabatti own three-locking lugs bolt with a fast, short 60-degrees throw, with both the bolt and the receiver are machined out of solid steel billet. The bolt is chromed and rectified to reach the desired level of thickness, providing a very low level of surface roughness and high level of smoothness and silence in operation.

The core of the new Sabatti STR Sport rifle is the new lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy chassis, that has been completely redesigned. The new chassis is available in two variants: with a standard sporting version forearm with M-LOK slots; or with a wide, flat forearm, ideal for long range precision F-Class shooting competitions. At bottom of both variants we find an Arca-Swiss rail enabling the use of various kind of bipods and rests. The redesigned adjustable stock provides all the versatility that a competition rifle needs.

The barrel adopts the MRR Multi-Radial Rifling: it’s 660mm long with a 22mm muzzle diameter, in the STR Sport version; and 710mm long with a 28mm muzzle diameter, in the STR Sport FC version. The trigger set is a Sabatti Match one and the ammunition now feed through a detachable Accuracy International AICS compatible magazine.

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