After a temporary absence from the Sabatti catalog, two popular calibers are back again: the 222 and 223 Rem.

In recent years, the international market of bolt-action rifles has seen 6.5mm calibers attracting a lot of attention both from hunters and sport shooters, with ammunition ideally fitting also long range precision shooting, following the growing success of F-Class and PRS disciplines.

As a consequence, many manufacturing efforts have been focused on rifles chambered mostly for the .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC, sometimes leaving a little bit behind popular calibers like the .222 and the .223 Remington.

As a matter of fact, the .222 Remington remains a very good hunting caliber, much appreciated also in precision sport shooting, always highly considered by the most demanding Bench Rest shooters.

On its side, the .223 Remington is in absolute one of the cartridges most used in any kind of rifles, available at fair costs and with many different loadings, that today include also different offers specifically intended for Mid and Long-Range precision shooting.

For these reasons Sabatti is going to offer again the .222 and the .223 Remington within a production plan that starting from a new 3 lugs short action designed for the Rover family will include other models in the current sporting bolt-action rifles range, according to the following scheme.

(calibers availability for each model is indicated in the individual product pages in the official Sabatti website)