It has been an important meeting the one between Emanuele Sabatti and Paul Levy, Director of Product Management at Brownells USA, who traveled to Gardone Val Trompia for a visit to Sabatti, accompanied by Olaf Aas, manager of Brownells Europe.

Paul Levy's visit to Sabatti was not a surprise one, but the answer to a promise made during other meetings that had already taken place at IWA over the last two years.

Founded in 1939, Brownells is known for the incredible offer of accessories, tools, gun parts (and weapons) that gun enthusiasts and gunsmiths around the world use for their sporting or professional activities. For its part, Sabatti Spa starts from its 350 years of gunmaking tradition to improve its responsiveness towards both sports enthusiasts and its institutional customers.

Hence the decision, in March 2023, to transfer the operational headquarters of Brownells Italia inside the Sabatti Showroom building located in Sarezzo (Brescia), starting a mutually useful synergy.

Paul Levy's visit was therefore not a simple courtesy visit, but a "technical" opportunity to verify Sabatti production capabilities and appreciate its objective quality level. As a profound connoisseur of the American and international arms industry, Paul Levy's attention was obviously attracted in particular by the manufacturing processes of the well renowned Sabatti rifled barrels.

In fact, Sabatti produces industrially manufactured rifled barrels which are recognized as among the best in the world, as demonstrated both by the excellent performance in all sporting uses and by the fact that among the customers who turn to Sabatti to procure rifled barrels we find important companies active in the global international gun industry.

The visit of Paul Levy, Director of Product Management at Brownells USA, is part of the review process launched by Sabatti in recent years on the ways in which the company communicates and promotes itself at international level. There is still a lot to do, but the direction is taken.

Sabatti is catching up on what its competitors have already been doing for years, thus enhancing a know-how which in the field of bolt-action rifles fears no comparison: but that indeed, regarding the production of barrels, places Sabatti in front of many giants of the global arms industry. Something that Brownells USA wanted, and had the opportunity, to verify directly.