To well clean your rifle barrels first of all you need to have the right equipment ready:

  1. Two rods with rotating handles and threaded ends to attach all your cleaning accessories to: one shorter rod to clean the chambers with (no. 7) and one longer rod for the barrel. The rifle barrels cleaning-rod shall be at least 50 cm longer than the rifle action. It shall be smaller in D. than the caliber used so as not to interfere with the rifling. For example, the perfect rod for a 66-cm-long barrel in cal. 6,5 Creedmore shall be 6 mm in diameter and 115 – 120 cm. in length (no 1).
  2. Patch adapter suitable for the caliber of your rifle (no 2).
  3. Mop adapter (no 3).
  4. Nylon brushes in suitable sizes to clean the barrels (no 4).
  5. Rod guide to slide into the action (no 5).
  6. Cotton brushes in the same caliber as the barrel you need to clean (no 6/B) and cotton brushes for the chamber and muzzle. For bullets of 12 mm in diameter (6,5×47 Lapua or 308 Win.), one normally uses the same mop used for .45 caliber barrels (no 6/A).
  7. Solvent to clean off combustion residue (no 8).
  8. Solvent to clean the rifling from copper deposits (no 9).
  9. Lapping abrasive paste (IOSSO-type) (no 10).
  10. Cleaning solvent like Avio Petrol (Zippo) or trichloroethylene (no 11).
  11. White cleaning mops (no 12/A) and abrasive mops (no 12/B) suitable for the caliber of your rifle.
  12. Chamber cleaning mops (see point 6 above) (no 15).
  13. Wipes for solvents (no 13).
  14. White cloths to clean dry barrels from all copper or combustion residues (no 14).
  15. Latex gloves to wear during all cleaning procedures described above in order to prevent contact with potentially harmful substances.

Before shooting for the first time, rifle barrels and chambers shall be thoroughly cleaned. Please keep in mind that your rifle was shot at the National Proof House and in our test range before being delivered to you. Also there may be some residues from the manufacturing process (burrs) as well as oil that shall be removed.

Cleaning shall be done using good quality products and in the following order only:

  1. Solvent to clean off combustion residues
  2. Solvent to clean off copper deposits
  3. Lapping abrasive paste
  4. Cleaning solvent

how to clean rifle barrels sabatti


1.1 Slide the rod guide inside the action

1.2 Screw the patch adapter to the end of the rod

1.3 Push a wipe wet with combustion cleaning solvent down the muzzle and out from the other side. Repeat 4 times using a new wipe every time

1.4 Slide the Nylon brush in and out of the barrels – do it 20 times

1.5 Repeat 1.3 with another clean wipe – do it twice

1.6 Dry clean carefully with a patch or mop.

2.1 Repeat 1.3 with a wipe wet with copper deposit solvent – do it 4 times

2.2 Slide a new nylon brush in and out of the barrel – do it 20 times

2.3 Repeat 1.3 with a clean wipe wet with copper deposit solvent – do it twice

2.4 Dry clean carefully with a patch or mop. Repeat until the patch/ mop comes out of the barrel clean i.e. with no light blue residues (copper oxide)

3.1 Screw the mop adapter to the rod

3.2 Screw a cleaning mop (generally white) to the rear of the adapter

3.3 Screw an abrasive mop (generally green) to the front of the adapter

3.4 Lock the adapter threaded nut tight

3.5 Put some abrasive paste (Iosso-type) on the front of the adapter

3.6 Swipe inside the barrels 20 times making sure not to let the front mop come out of the muzzle – if necessary use a rod stop

3.7 Repeat 3.6 twice with two new mops

3.8 Repeat 3.6 twice with clean mops and no abrasive paste

4.1 Swipe a clean patch (or mop) wet with cleaning solvent inside the barrels using the specific rod

4.2 Repeat 4.1 with clean patch (or mop) until it comes out clean

4.3 Clean the front end of the rifle barrel using a clean patch

It is now time to remove any trace of dirt or solvent from the chamber so as to stop their potential corrosive effect.

In order to do so, please remove the rod guide and replace it with the mop adapter suitable for the chamber diameter.

Wet it with cleaning solvent and push it into the action of the rifle until it stops. Rotate the rod and the mop with it.

Remove the mop and replace it with the cotton brush suitable for the chamber size. Wet it with cleaning solvent and push it into the chamber of the firearm.

This operation shall eliminate any trace of solvent from the chamber entrance.

Lubricate the bolt with firearm cleaning oil and dry carefully.


After cleaning the barrel bore and chamber, begin firing.

  • We suggest firing one shot and then repeating the complete cleaning procedure described above
  • We suggest repeating the complete cleaning procedure described above after every shot for the first 10 shots
  • We suggest repeating the complete cleaning procedure described above every 5 shots after the first 10 shots for at least 3 times.
  • If you cannot do so, do not shoot more than 30 rounds without repeating the complete cleaning procedure

You have successfully broken your new barrels in.

From now on you shall repeat the complete cleaning procedure only when you notice copper residues inside the rifling.

This is particularly important while your rifle barrels are being broken in to help polishing the rifling thus reducing friction and additional copper deposits.

We suggest lapping with abrasive paste after 300 rounds even when your barrels are no longer new.

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