The Sabatti’s rifle actions

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The receiver of the Saphire Rifle is machined from a solid block of Ergal 55 aluminum alloy and features two solid Picatinny rails to easily fit the mounting solution of your choice and regulate your gun. The 3-front-lug bolt with 60 ° locking consists of three main parts: head, body and handle.

The body heat-treated and ground moves very smoothly allowing fast repetition. The head in special steel undergoes a thorough heat treatment that makes it strong, but not brittle and therefore able to withstand the high pressure generated by the explosion in the body. The floating head guarantees perfect contact in the barrel extension with all three lugs thus improving precision.

A 5/16” thread allows to easily switch bolt handle and go from a traditional spoon-shaped hunting handle to a very tactical one. The most important part of the gun in terms of accuracy and safety is the “barrel extension” with bolt head in NiCrMo steel. This undergoes a special heat treatment for a hard surface with a strong core allowing superior strength and longevity.

The interchangeable barrels are surely fixed to the barrel extension by means of 3 M6 screws that can be removed and replaced using the hexagonal wrench provided.


This bolt action was designed and built in cooperation with the renowned manufacturer of competition rifles, BCM. It is not a hunting action converted to competition, like so many others on the market today. This action was specifically designed for sporting and tactical shooting where the need for resistance, longevity and accuracy is more extreme than in hunting.

The new action is manufactured on lathes and milling machines starting from solid bars of high resistance steel alloy. It features three locking lugs with an easy and fast 60° opening. The handle of the 3-front-lug bolt with a 5/16 thread is easily interchangeable. After machining, the action is heat treated for resistance, ground and chrome plated. The smooth contact surfaces guarantee effortless bolt movement as well as lower noise level than all competitors’ products.

The special steel alloy of actions and bolts generates surfaces that are very hard, basically indestructible, but not fragile. The cores are strong.

The new guillotine-type extractor is extremely reliable and safe, as it cannot move backwards when the cartridge bottom expands under pressure. This design tends to reduce (but not eliminate) the damages generated by the use of ammunitions operating at out of range pressures.

But what truly sets this rifle apart is the way action and stock come together in a dynamic suspension. The new action “floats” above the stock by means of two supports, a V-shaped front block, which works as a recoil lug, and a rear cradle block. The barrel is completely suspended. The stress and tension generated by traditional barreled action- stock bedding and fitting are therefore eliminated to the benefit of accuracy. This system can be called “SUSPENDED ACTION”.

Thanks to the all the features and pluses described above, we feel 100% confident we offer one of the best competition actions available on the market today.

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Back in 1985 the industrial designers and engineers at FIAS (Fabbrica Italiana Armi Sabatti, now Sabatti) were challenged to design a rifle action that would compete with the most popular US rifles actions. They did so by incorporating the best features of all bolt action rifles sold in the USA in just one action. Expectations were not only met but also exceeded and, 35 years later, this extremely versatile action is still widely used for hunting, competition, long-distance shooting and training.

The rifle action is manufactured by state of the art high tech casting of best quality steel alloys subsequently machined on the most advanced CNC equipment. The same applies to the bolt with its solid handle and two Mauser-style tenons. Both rifle actions and bolt are heat treated after machining for superior resistance and durability.

This traditional 2-tenon action with 90 degrees bolt opening may be less fluid and slightly slower to operate than newer 3-tenon actions. However, military troops, hunters and shooters have used it for over 120 years accumulating endless experience that translates in unmatchable reliability. Robust contact surfaces between tenons, bolt and frame combined with the long travel of the firing pin make this action perfectly suitable even under the worst weather conditions.

The solid recoil lug also plays an important role in increasing the overall solidity of the action and reducing vibration to the benefit of precision.

And for all the reasons above shooters of all ages and provenance still choose Sabatti rifles built on Rover actions and love them!