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What do you want from your weapon?

  • Do you want a light and easily transportable weapon?
  • Are you a fan of long-range target shooting?
  • Do you need a weapon that is also suitable for hunting?
  • Do you want a rod that will last longer than normal striped barrels? What remains accurate for longer?


  • MRR Rods
  • Action Saphire
  • Snap Stecher

Tactical Rifles: manual repeating hunting and shooting rifle designed to engage targets at high distances.

These tactical rifles are able to give great satisfaction both to the shooting range and to hunting.

The SABATTI Saphire Tactical Carbon is a hunting and competition bolt action rifle designed for precision shooting at long distances.

Rifle manufacturers know that light weight is the enemy of precision.

We, at Sabatti, have overcome that by employing the most advanced technology and the best materials available to lighten every single component, yet keeping the overall rigidity of rifl e intact.

The action of these tactical rifles, first and foremost, is machined from a block of Ergal 55 which is notoriously rigid, but light.

The design is completely new yet modern and refined.

The barrels are cold hammer forged fi rst to feature a muzzle diameter of 16 mm, which reduces weight, and subsequently wrapped in carbon and Kevlar to reach a diameter of 28mm at the breech and at the muzzle.

The aluminum muzzle break is threaded on with a 5/8”-24 thread. It has taken Sabatti engineers well over 2 years to determine how to best combine carbon and steel: these two materials distend completely differently under the effect of temperatures thus making it very difficult to keep shooting accuracy as temperature in the barrels goes up.

Our new technique has completely eliminated this problem, Just like on our Tactical Syn rifle, the stock in fiberglass charged polymer is light, but robust and vibration absorbent.

The cheek piece is adjustable for both height and windage. The substantial rubber butt pad reduces perceived recoil even with magnum calibers.

The Saphire Tactical Carbon comes standard with either a Set trigger (Stecher) to be activated before shooting, a 3-lever Match or a new Double Step Match Trigger (DSMT).

The overall weight is only 4.1 Kg which makes the rifle easy to carry in all hunting situations, but also stable and accurate for precision shooting. This is innovation and quality exclusively offered in the Sabatti Tactical Carbon Rifle. Buy it now if you live in USA.

Technical features

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