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carabina da tiro a lunga distanza tactical sabatti

STR Sport Black

Bolt action rifles/Target shooter

Contrary to its predecessor, the model STR, the new STR SPORT is a bolt action rifle specifically created for precision target shooting.

The STR SPORT features the Sabatti signature “Rover” short action with a 3-round magazine.

The barrel, available in either 710 mm or 660 mm with a diameter of 28mm at the muzzle, comes with the renown Sabatti Multi-Radial Rifling System.

The trigger is the 3-lever Match with a trigger pull weight ranging between 550 and 600g.

The external magazine release lever is very suitable for the fast pace of competition.

The modular stock is fitted with an aluminum chassis, a new and wider forearm and a butt stock milled from bars of high resistance Ergal 55 aluminum alloy. An integrated Anschutz-style bipod rail and a rear bag rider assure great stability for shooting.

The rifle is red anodized. The 2-tenon bolt features an interchangeable knob.

On request, the rifle can come with a 20 MOA steel rail.

Technical features

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