Hunting rifle

ROVER Left Hand

Bolt Action/Rifle shooter

What do you want from your weapon?

  • user-friendly yet precise and reliable rifle for selective hunting truly designed for a left-handed shooter?
  • A stock with cheek piece for improved mounting and aiming?
  • A rifle barrel with a longer life cycle that will be accurate longer than the average barrel on the market?
  • A rifle that fits most scope mounts sold on the market today?


  • At Sabatti SpA we cold hammer forge all our barrels in House. By controlling the entire production process, we guarantee their absolute precision, reliability and durability.
  • Very few rifles at this price point come with barrels of the same quality as the barrels hammer forged in House at Sabatti Spa. The result is shooting precision 100% guaranteed.

Manual repeating rifle specifically designed for left-handed users. It is ideal for selective hunting where precision shooting is required no matter the distance.

  • Frames and bolts in the long action versions (only) are entirely designed and machined for left-handed users.
    • Barrels in Chrome Molybdenum Steel:
      • The Chrome and Molybdenum added to the steel substantially improve its resistance to the wear generated by the incandescent ammunition especially to the first part of the rifling over that of traditional carbon steel.
      • The bars of steel we use are all induction treated at the steel mill which then translates into a longer life cycle for our barrels.
    • Cold hammer forging:
      • We rifle all our barrels by cold deformation rather than simply by subtractive manufacturing, which results in improved dimensional consistency and allows us to use steels with better mechanical characteristics (harder).
    • Our frames and bolts are machined from solid blocks of high-resistance steel alloys. They undergo tailored heat treatments to optimize strength and durability.
        • Our frames undergo a Neutral Hardening Process to achieve strength and resistance. After this is complete, the areas in the frames subject to the highest levels of stress undergo additional spot hardening.
        • Our bolts with two front lugs undergo a case hardening and subsequent hardening operation, which increases surface hardness and fatigue strength by creating a hardened surface layer and a hard core.
      • Rubber recoil pads
      • Stocks with adjustable cheek piece on request.
    • Accessories
      • On request we provide Picatinny rails entirely machined from solid bars of steel. They come with 7MOA, 20MOA or 30MOA depending on the required shooting distance.
      • Mounts with separate bases and 25.4mm or 30mm rings are compatible with those for the model Rem.700.


  • Excellent value for the money
  • Excellent precision:
    • Very compact shot groups with minimal shot dispersion.
    • Minimal shot migration on target even with very hot barrels.
    • More durable barrels – less wear and, therefore, improved precision over time
  • Highly compatible with a wide variety of accessories (mounts, bipods etc.)

Technical features

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