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Cosa vuoi dalla tua arma?

  • Ways of reducing shot migration due to barrel overheating?
  • A stock that will not misshape on shooting to the detriment of precision?
  • A barrel with a longer life cycle than the standard match barrel and that will stay accurate longer?
  • A rifle that will truly fit you rather than you trying to fit to a rifle?
  • A solid base to fit your scope mounts? Or precision machined Picatinny rails with different MOAs for long distance shooting?
  • A stock that will fit multiple accessories?


  • Greater speed of the projectile
  • Best concentration of shot patterns
  • Reduction of the number of fliers
  • Less frequent and easier cleaning
  • Longer lasting

The Tactical Desert bolt-action long distance shooting rifle is specifically designed.

The barrel of this tactical long distance shooting rifle is cold hammer forged from a billet of chrome molybdenum steel and available in 22 or 28 mm contours for enhanced grouping. The table below lists barrels that can be provided with the new Multi-Radial Rifling System.

Rifle actions and locking bolts are machined from solid blocks of high resistance steel alloy fi rst and then heat-treated for maximum strength and durability. The precision high resistance composite stock features a desert camouflage finish and comes with a butt pad and cheek piece system for complete adjustability. LOP is also adjustable through a system of stock inserts.

Barrel, action and bolt feature the high resistance Cerakote finishes in sand color for improved resistance and durability. The three-lever match trigger comes standard with this gun.

Advantages of the Desert long distance shooting rifle


  • Higher bullet speed
  • Improved group concentration
  • Reduced number of fliers
  • Less copper deposits
  • Less cleaning required
  • Easier cleaning when needed
  • Less barrel wear

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Technical features


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