Long distance rifles Tactical EVO

carabina da tiro al bersaglio poligono sabatti

Tactical Evo Chrome

Bolt action rifles/Target shooter

This bolt action rifle features the new guillotine-style extractor in 17-4PH stainless steel. As a result, the cartridge bottom is always well supported to prevent failures even at extremely high pressures. But what truly tells the new Sabatti Tactical EVO bolt action rifle apart from the competition is the way the action is fitted to the stock. The action literally “floats” above the stock by means of two supports which eliminate stress and improve accuracy. We can definitely say that the Tactical EVO is one of the best actions on the market today.

The rifle is provided with a round barrel, 28 mm in diameter at the muzzle and either 660 mm or 710 mm long. The barrel features the Sabatti Multi-Radial “MRR” Rifling System universally proven to improve shooting performance overall. The muzzle comes with a 5/8” thread and cover to fit compensators or muzzle brakes.

Technical features

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