Long Range Shooting






Match 3 levers


Rifled, fluted


F-Class style, adjustable



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Sabatti TLD Red: design and technology for long-range shooting

The Sabatti TLD Red bolt-action rifle represents the sum of many years of Sabatti experience in shooting competitions, embodying technologies and design specifically developed for long-range sport shooting specialties.

The TLD White Fluted rifle is based on a Blizzard action, with a three-locking lug bolt and a fast 60-degrees throw; both the bolt and the receiver are machined out of a solid billet of high-strength special steel.

The heavy (28mm diameter at the muzzle), cold hammer-forged, matte black barrel sports a Sabatti MRR multi-radial rifling.

The quintessential F-Class style stock features an adjustable cheek riser; a set of spacers is issued for LOP adjustment.

The key feature of the Sabatti TLD Red design is the new coupling system that holds the stock and action together, based on a rear pillar and a brand new, innovatively designed front recoil lug offering superior performance.

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Technical specifications

Use: Long Range Shooting

Tipology: Rifle

Action: Bolt-Action

Trigger: Match 3 levers

Barrel: Rifled, fluted

Stock: F-Class style, adjustable

Identification Code: TLDB

Brand: Sabatti

Model: TLD Red

Action material: Steel

Bolt: 3 lugs, chromed steel, fluted

Feeding: Manual

Magazine: Metal, removable

Magazine capacity: 3 rounds

Trigger weight: 600 g / 1.3 lbs

Safety: Manual

Sights: None

Scope mounts: Picatinny rail (supplied)

Rifling: Sabatti MRR (Multi Radial Rifling)

Lunghezza canna: 71 cm / 28"

Materiale canna: Steel, cold hammer forged

Muzzle diameter: 28 mm / 1.10"

Muzzle thread: Yes, with protective cap

Stock material: Coated laminated wood

Stock finish: Water Transfer Printing

Lenght: 121 cm / 47.6"

Weight: 6,5 kg / 14.3"


6,5x47 Lapua (8” MRR twist)
6,5 Creedmoor (8” MRR twist)
.284 Shehane (8" MRR twist)
.308 Winchester (11" MRR twist)


  • Multylayer laminate wood
  • 3 lugs bolt
  • Match trigger
  • MRR cold hammer forged barrel, fluted
  • Picatinny rail for mounting optics
  • 3 shots removable magazine
  • Adjustable stock


  • 0-10-20 MOA Picatinny rails


On all Sabatti firearms is possible to request various kind of preparatory or accuratization interventions, realized by the Sabatti Custom Shop, with application of additional costs on the base price of the gun.

For more information we invite you to visit the Sabatti Custom Shop page.

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