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Tactical EVO

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What do you want from your gun?

  • Do you want a durable, yet versatile rifle?
  • A highly accurate rifle?
  • Is it important for you to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to be associated with a personalized and appealing design?
  • Are you very safety conscious?


  • MRR® barrels
  • 3-tenon locking bolt
  • High accuracy action
  • Stock in Nylon, resistant to abrasion

Tactical EVO Bolt action rifle: a modern, technologically advanced and super appealing rifle!

Tactical EVO is not just a restyling of the Tactical Syn, but a brand new bolt action rifle. It is the result of years of study and hard work aimed at designing the perfect rifle for all heavy duty applications where resistance over time and accuracy are a MUST!

With the Tactical Evo, Sabatti offers their clientele a high tech rifle that is all of the above and more by combining staple features, like the MRR barrels, and totally new ones.

The brand new action has been designed by the Sabatti team to improve performance; after testing it extensively we can say the team has been successful.

The new ACTION on the bolt rifle Tactical Evo

The action is new and so is the 3-tenon locking bolt with a fast 60° opening and an interchangeable handle with 5/16” thread. All contact surfaces are highly polished to facilitate movement and reduce noise substantially more than in most competitors’ products.

The rifle features a new extractor in 17-4PH steel. The cartridge bottom is well supported to prevent failures even when pressure are extremely high.

But what truly tells the new Sabatti Tactical EVO apart from all other bolt action rifles on the market is the way the action is fitted to the stock - the action floats above the stock by means of two supports which eliminate stress and improve accuracy. The action on the new Sabatti Tactical EVO is one of the best on the market today.


THE new Sabatti Tactical EVO comes with round barrel, 28mm in diameter. It is also available in 22mm diameter at the muzzle for the USA market.

The barrel features the latest and upgraded geometry and groove of the Sabatti Multiradial “MRR” rifling which has further improved shooting performance and accuracy over the incredible results the first MRR project had already made possible.

The barrel muzzle comes with a 5/8” thread with cover to fit compensators or muzzle breaks.


The stock in nylon and fiberglass has been modified to fit the new Tactical EVO action. The external surface is coated for looks and grip as well as abrasion resistance. The stock is available in 2 colors: black with white streaks for the models “Tactical EVO Black” and “Tactical EVO Chrome” or sand for the “Tactical EVO Desert”.

The Sabatti Tactical EVO US shares the same features as the Tactical EVO with the exception of the employment of a very resistant, yet light tecno-polymer and 4 QD sling swivels for dynamic shooting competitions.

If you are a US resident you can buy it online at

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