Side by side cal 410

doppietta cal 410 sabatti


Side by Side Shotguns/wing shooter

What do you want from your gun?

  • A side-by-side shotgun that will put your shooting skills to the test?
  • Something light and elegant yet strong and reliable?
  • A gun that will challenge you and give game a fair chance?


  • The careful jointing of barrels and actions executed by skilled craftsmen results in a side-by-side shotgun with excellent shooting performance and extended life cycle.
  • his is the lightest and most elegant small bore side-by-side shotgun on the market today. Its proportions have been thoroughly studied. Its carefully designed shapes are further enhanced by plenty of hand touches. The compact dimensions and slim line generate a very light, fast and easy to mount shotgun.
  • The action machined from a solid bar of Nickel-Chromium steel undergoes a case hardening and additional hardening process for increased strength. The dimensions are totally scaled down and true to a .410 bore. Nothing is left to chance. The final result is that of a very solid and extremely durable gun featuring nice chrome finishing or color case hardening on request.
  • This side-by-side comes standard with manual extractors, double triggers and pistol grip stock. Single non-selective trigger and straight English stock are available on request.

The MINI RANGER EDL features side plates with full coverage laser engraving and a red rubber recoil pad that nicely complement the elegant lines of the gun.


  • Undoubtedly one of the lightest and most elegant side-by-side shotguns on the market today.
  • Maximum sporting.
  • Tight action with no play developing over time
  • Very compact shot patterns even at long distances.
  • High resistance steel used regardless of the small caliber.

Technical features

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