Hunting side by side

doppietta da caccia


side by side/wing shooter

What do you want from your gun?

  • A fine side-by-side shotgun with the best value for the money the market has to offer?
  • An elegant and safe shotgun?
  • The traditional side by side you wish to buy without breaking the bank?


  • Barrels are carefully jointed by skilled craftsmen to achieve firing stability and durability.
  • Side-by-side shotguns in 12-20 and 28ga.
  • The actions hot forged from solid bars of high-resistance steel and machined on sophisticated milling machines undergo a case hardening and additional hardening process for increased strength.
  • This model side-by-side shotgun comes standard with manual extractors, double triggers and pistol grip stock. Single non-selective triggers and straight English stocks are available on all three calibers on request. Interchangeable choke tubes (Multichokes) are another option on 12ga and 20ga only.
  • The Anson & Deeley – type mechanism employed here has been greatly improved by the engineers at Sabatti SpA.
  • Pistol grip stocks and forends feature very traditional yet functional design, hand checkering and traditional oil polishing. English straight grips are also available on request.
  • Thanks to their technical characteristics and ballistic performance these are “all around” hunting guns.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Accurate – barrels in Chrome Molybdenum steel are checked throughout the welding process to make sure they do not misshape to the detriment of accuracy. They undergo a grinding, lapping and chrome lining process for increased performance.
  • Vault tight – a very robust double lug locking system translates into a super tight action even after heavy use.

Technical features

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