The new target rifle Tactical Evo US has been featured in the Sabatti 2020 catalogue for the first time.

Sabatti has been regarded as one of the most important  target rifle manufacturers in Italy and in the world for many years now. Historically our precision rifles have always helped professional shooters to win big.

But they are also helping more and more non-professional shooters to do well in competition by giving them access to high performance weapons that do not break the bank. This trend has facilitated the transformation of what used to be the niche market of tactical precision rifles into a much bigger space.

The Tactical EVO US, the STR Sport with its hybrid stock of polymer and aluminum, and the TLD with its laminated beech stock, represent the entire range of precision target rifles offered by Sabatti today.

The action designed and engineered specifically for tactical precision shooting is unquestionably the biggest innovation and the heart of the Tactical EVO US.  As a matter of fact, while all older generation tactical rifles featured a “Roveraction, which had been successfully studied and engineered for hunting, the new generation tactical precision rifles are all built around an action created exclusively with tactical precision applications in mind.

This action, called the “Blizzard”, was specifically created to be fitted on the Tactical EVO and has also been used on the TLD and ST 18.

Although the action is the most substantial innovation in the Tactical EVO US, it is not the only one. The stock has also undergone a major restyling and reinforcement. When Sabatti engineers understood that a more rigid stock improved the shooting performance of the rifle, they designed and engineered a “shell” in a very special material that wrapped around the original stock and increased its rigidity.

New is also the link between action and stock: the Blizzard action is not connected to the stock but floats above it. The two major components connect by means of a recoil piece in the front which works as a support, and a steel cradle that holds the rear portion. This modification substantially reduces vibration and improves precision.

The Blizzard action puts the Tactical EVO right into the category of professional target rifles.

Like many other target rifles, the Tactical EVO US features the renown multi-radial rifling system which improves precision and performance by several important reasons. First, only a slight deformation affects the bullets instead of a drastic cut; second, the barrels are easier to keep clean and cleaner barrels mean more accurate barrels; and third, MMR barrels lend themselves perfectly to the precision cold hammer forging process used by Sabatti. MRR bores are also smoother and the rifling is overall better executed.

The extractor on the Tactical EVO US is also different than the extractor on all Rover type rifles. The new extractor can hold much heavier loads, with no issues over time.

The trigger group also reveals several improvements when observed closely; by using wire electro-erosion technology the geometries and precision of the group components have greatly improved and the group is overall more balanced.

The chrome treatment of the locking bolt has also been improved. As a result, friction is less, bolts move more smoothly and are less subject to wear and corrosion. A precision target shooter can be 100% confident the bolts in their rifles will not jam due to friction, dirt or wear.

The 60° opening is very fast and extraction is more horizontal. The 3 tenons increase the moving surface and the bolt can lock easier, with no need of any unnecessary force.

The cheek piece is fully adjustable as well as the length of pull through spacers supplied by Sabatti. The rib comes bipod-ready.

The target rifle is available in three versions: all black, chromed and desert tan.

While the Tactical EVO is offered all over the world, the Tactical EVO US is dedicated to the US market. As there is more shooter movement in American precision shooting competitions, the barrels feature a diameter of 22 mm instead of 28 and an overall length of 66 cm instead of 71. They also come with sling swivels to facilitate faster movement.

The stock on the Tactical EVO is also different than the stock on the Tactical EVO US. While the former is in heavier fiber glass, where weight is used to increase performance, the US version comes with a lighter polymer stock where the 440-g weight reduction improves portability.

The .308 caliber always dominates sales, but the 6.5 Creedmoor is gaining ground. Special calibers are also available from Sabatti on request.

The Tactical EVO comes with either a standard 3-round magazine or a 6-round one for more tactical applications. The Tactical EVO US comes with a 7-round magazine for .308 or similar calibers.

The Tactical EVO reinforces why Sabatti is a dominant player in the hunting and precision competition markets and gives the brand the recognition it deserves in the dynamic shooting space.