To top the incredible successes of 2019, Sabatti has decided to approach the year end by launching their new tactical rifle “TACTICAL EVO”.

Shooters don’t be fooled: the Tactical Evo is not a restyling of the current Tactical Syn, but a brand new tactical rifle.

Once again, we, at Sabatti, have designed and produced a dedicated target rifle with the utmost attention paid to every detail in order to offer top quality performance to both competitors and recreational shooters.

The rifle has been studied not only to excel on the shooting grounds, but to do so over time: the barrel construction and structure is such that it allows to keep the initial accuracy after thousands of rounds.

Some of the main features of the Tactical Evo are definitely staples in the Sabatti line, starting from the Multiradial “MRR” barrel which positions  Sabatti as an industry leader and a winner in long distance shooting competitions.

The rifling of the MRR barrels has proven to be such a major improvement over traditional rifling, to the benefit of serious competitors and recreational shooters alike, that now all Sabatti shooters want it!

The Tactical Evo features many novelties too among our shooting rifles range:

  • a brand new action which is the result of two years of intensive studying with multiple applications in mind;
  • A stronger 3-tenon locking bolt featuring a fast 60° opening with interchangeable handle;
  • A new glass fiber stock better suited to fit the new action than the older Nylon stock. The stock is also coated for looks and abrasion resistance

Please stay tuned on our website and you will soon be able to find out everything there is to know about this modern, technologically advanced and very appealing new rifle!

If you are a US resident you can buy it at