In 2019 sabatti has added the model “Saphire Varmint Carbon” to its offering of rifles in order to meet the needs of all those hunters who want a light, versatile and yet extremely accurate hunting rifle.

The “Saphire Varmint Carbon” is a bolt action hunting rifle designed for shooters and hunters who need a precision rifle that is light enough to be carried for long periods of time.

Sabatti has designed the Saphire Varmint Carbon, a high precision rifle, very accurate at long distance, but still light enough to be an easy carry. This rifle has two features that are truly important to hunters: precision and light weight. It is the ideal companion for all elevations and environments.

This brand new bolt action rifle was first introduced during one of the Sabatti Days when the opportunity was given to shooters and hunters alike to admire and fire test it. The appreciation was overwhelming and the new model was then added to the 2019 Catalogue.  Everyone noticed how precise and light the rifle was reassuring the Sabatti engineering team that they had totally hit their target.

The saphire varmint carbon features technical specifications that tell it apart from the competition:

  • First and foremost, the Multi-Radial (MRR) barrel that is now a MUST on all Sabatti rifles. Thanks to the multiple layers of carbon wrapped around the barrel, there is rigidity without a lot of added weight. The rifle, with a muzzle diameter of 16 mm, is overall very light.
  • The extremely innovative design of the butt stock with a straight pistol grip conducive to comfortable shooting.  The stock in glass fiber reinforced polymer is hollow to keep weight to a minimum without compromising stability, recoil absorption and overall
  • The adjustable cheek piece as well as the set trigger, that are so important to long distance hunters, come standard in the Saphire Varmint Carbon. On request, the 3-lever Match or the new two-step Match trigger (DSMT) are also available.

Another main feature of the saphire varmint carbon is its technologically advanced action that contributes to its accuracy and light weight.

The Sabatti Team had to invest lots of time and resources on the Saphire action in order to find the perfect balance between carbon and steel, two elements that are opposites and very difficult to combine. It took the team almost 2 years of experiments to reach their objective of designing a very accurate, yet light-weight rifle, through the use of steel and carbon.

There is much more to be discovered about this one-of-a-kind rifle, and the reasons why it is ideal for almost all kinds of hunting. It suffices to say here that if you are looking for a very accurate weapon, that is light enough to be carried on long days of hunting, the Saphire Varmint Carbon is your gun!

Please go to the Sabatti website to find out more about this new rifle and the rest of the Sabatti line.