The thumbhole stock makes this rifle so easy to mount and handle that it becomes the perfect tool for wild boar driven hunting.

The Saphire E.R bolt action rifle has been designed thinking of all those hunters who do not like shooting semi-automatic guns, and wish to increase shooting distance while maintaining a steady and safe free standing position. Mounting the gun is intuitive and offers rapid target acquisition.

The barrels, cold hammer forged from solid bars of steel, feature a 17 mm diameter at the muzzle and the Sabatti patented Multi Radial Rifling profile. They wear less over time and remain accurate much longer than any other barrel on the market today.

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Barrels on the Saphire ER are easily interchangeable by using an M6-type wrench. If the caliber of the new barrel is in the same family as the barrel you wish to replace, there will be no need to replace anything else, but the barrel itself. If you choose another family of calibers, you will simply swap the bolt head, magazine and magazine box for the appropriate size.

The steel frame is case hardened first and tempered later – this special heat treatment makes it harder on the surface, but still very strong in the core.

The Saphire E.R bolt action rifle comes with either:

  • Three-stage Match trigger or
  • Set trigger (Stecher)

A competent gunsmith can easily replace a Match trigger with a Set Trigger on this rifle any time you want to do so.

The bolt comes with a front 3-tenon lock for maximum safety. It consists of three parts:

  • Head
  • Body
  • Handle

Thanks to its floating head which guarantees good contact with all 3 tenons, the bolt slides very easily to the benefit of speed, silence and accuracy.

The tactical thumbhole grip is responsible for easy and fast mounting even while free standing. And as every hunter knows, especially on driven hunts, stability will make the difference between a wonderful hunting day and a very disappointing one. Stability is key for targeting fast moving driven game in the fields and forests.

The safety mechanism on all rifles in the Saphire series is the traditional 2-position one, with the bolt locked while safety is on.

The stock has been totally re-designed to feature an ergonomic straight pistol grip which guarantees perfect hold under every shooting condition.

The forearm is slender just like hunters require.

The height of the cheek piece is adjustable by means of 2 screws and the stock also comes with spacers for length of pull adjustment.

The light and resistant techno polymer of the stock is perfect at absorbing recoil, which makes the rifle so much more stable and, therefore, more accurate. This is perfect for hunters whose main concerns are accuracy and performance in any temperature and weather.

Additional points of strength of the Saphire E.R for wild boar hunting are:

  • Scope mount bases installed and trued on the receiver;
  • Barrels with MRR rifling profile, fully interchangeable;
  • 3-tenon lock system

The Saphire E.R bolt action rifle is perfect if you are looking for accuracy, caliber flexibility, reliability and favor current state of the art design and engineering.