This bolt action rifle is absolutely right for all those shooters who want to feel “as one” with their rifles.

The Urban Sniper bolt action rifle is a true “all around” firearm, as it lends itself to hunting and competition. Being easy to carry and compact, it is excellent for driven boar hunting situations.

The barrels on the Urban Sniper have the MRR rifling geometry and profile which are entirely made in-house at Sabatti.

caccia al cinghiale con fucile con canne MMR

They have enabled shooters to win challenging competitions for many years now and have earned a reputation for extreme accuracy. The MMR barrels come in 510 mm length with a muzzle diameter of 22 mm.

They feature a 5/8”-24 thread to fit the muzzle break and cover that come standard with every rifle.

Barrels and actions come with a special anti-glare bluing treatment.

The thumbhole stock in 30% glass-filled nylon techno polymer allows for a very steady mount even while standing.  Its material is excellent at absorbing recoil and temperature stable.

The cheek piece is easily adjustable to fit the shooter’s and/or hunter’s morphological features.

The rifle also comes with a spacer for length of pull adjustment.

The bolt consists of an interchangeable tactical handle and external magazine release lever which allows very fast shooting in competition.

The Urban Sniper bolt action rifle comes standard with:

  • 10-round Accuracy magazine for the international markets or
  • 5-round Accuracy magazine for the Italian market

An adjustable trigger mechanism is standard.

The overall look of this rifle is definitely unique, captivating and quite aggressive.

The rifle has been designed to be highly compatible with many accessories including mounting systems and bipods.

The points of strength of the Urban Sniper are:

  • Barrels that are not subject to wear or rust
  • MMR rifling system
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Best value for the money 

If you are looking for the best value your money can buy, you will choose the Urban Sniper bolt action rifle.