The sabatti team has recently completed a 2-year-long journey which started from r&d and ended with the launch of “tactical evo”, a brand new target rifle now available from your trusted dealer.

Technologically advanced in its every component, Tactical EVO rifle represents the top of the line in its category.

What real novelties does Tactical EVO offer?

First of all, the rifle comes with a new Sabatti action which enhances longevity and accuracy. The new frame and bolt facilitate movement and reduce noise. The new extractor in high resistance steel withstand even the most extreme pressure to the benefit of safety.

But the way the action is fitted to the stock is the most significant innovation here. As a matter of fact, the action floats above the stock by means of two supports which eliminate stress and improve accuracy

The stock in nylon is specially coated for looks and grip as well as resistance to abrasion and wear. It is available in 2 color combinations: black with white streaks for the models “Tactical EVO Black” and “Tactical EVO Chrome” or sand for the “Tactical EVO Desert”.

The Sabatti team definitely rose to the challenge two years ago when they started this project. The result is a rifle made of only high tech component, accurate, resistant and with a more modern and appealing look than any of its predecessors .

Sabatti launched the ST18 earlier in 2019 and definitely met with the approval of shooters and hunters alike. Since its introduction, the rifle has performed very well and has become a “must have” for many.

With the recent launch of Tactical EVO, Sabatti has made another giant leap of quality which will please its clientele even more.


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