The “saphire tactical carbon” rifle is one of many novelties launched in 2019 by Sabatti. it is the result of years of hard work and a feather in the hat OF the ITALIAN gun making company.

The Saphire Tactical Carbon bolt action rifle was studied and designed for long distance target acquisition and, as such, it is ideal for those who love target shooting and hunting.

The light weight of this bolt action has not compromised its accuracy. To the contrary, tests conducted on hunting expeditions and shooting grounds have clearly demonstrated its high level of ballistic precision. The rifle comes with Multiradial barrels (MRR), one of the most innovative features that tell all Sabatti rifles apart from the competition. The muzzle diameter of 16mm goes to 28 mm by wrapping several layers of carbon around it which confer rigidity, without adding any significant weight. The more layers of carbon, the more accurate the rifle.

It is only through the right balance between light weight, especially important on long hunting days, and accuracy, key while hunting as well as shooting competitively, that this rifle has been able to excel.

The combination of carbon and steel in the sabatti saphire tactical carbon rifle is something no other rifle can offer.

Carbon and steel are not easy to combine because of their different heat expansion rates. As the barrel temperature increases, these materials react differently, and accuracy becomes challenging to maintain. It took the Sabatti expert team a couple of years of R&D and a long journey through trial and error to come up with the perfect combination of these two materials and offer it in a truly superior product.

The accuracy of the Sabatti Saphire rifle is the true measure of its superiority. The action machined from a solid block of Ergal 55, light, yet extremely rigid, is a big contributor.

The Saphire Tactical Carbon comes standard with a Set Trigger (Stecher). 3-lever Match triggers or new Double Step Match (DSMT) triggers are also available on request.

The stock on the Saphire Tactical Carbon is an evolution from the Tactical Syn. Made of polymer reinforced with fiber glass and hollowed out to reduce weight, this stock makes the gun ideal for both high precision and tactical shooting. Onge again, the weight is reduced leaving strength and recoil absorption absolutely intact.

Last but not least, the cheek piece has been redesigned to enhance shooting comfort for everyone. It is adjustable both up and down and sideways and comes with a rubber pad which substantially reduces perceived recoil even with big calibers.

But what is really surprising about this rifle is that the entire “package” comes in at only 4.1 kg (9.02 lb.)! In summary, the Saphire Tactical Carbon is easy to carry on long hunting trips; it is extremely accurate despite being light; it is rigid and stable on every target.

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