(Testimonial by Salvo Piazza)

Sabatti rifle barrels have been famous for their accuracy on domestic and international shooting ranges for quite some time now.

Champions like Riccardo Ranzani, Salvo Piazza and many others have successfully demonstrated that Sabatti competition rifle barrels are a good match for more renowned category brands.

As a matter of fact, there is very little else left to prove there.

However, we feel as though not enough emphasis has been given publicly to their consistency, stability and durability yet.

We do know for a fact that Sabatti competition rifle barrels are more durable than any other barrel sold on the market today. As a matter of fact, we have sold thousands of competition rifles in the past few years and we have had to replace only a handful of barrels.

The testimonial by shooting champion Salvo Piazza can only but corroborate our observation. Salvo has shared the following with us:

  • his shot group after 2,000 rounds
  • his shot group after 5,000 rounds
  • his shot group after 7,000 rounds

These are all shot groups obtained in 600-m competitions at the shooting grounds of Casal Monaco in Southern Italian city of Trapani. With the shot group obtained in competition after 7,000 rounds, Salvo won the final of the regional championship and qualified for the finals of the 2019 National Long Distance Championship.

Salvo Piazza has told us that speed and standard deviations were always a constant.


canne per carabine salvo piazza sabatti


These outstanding results are even more meaningful as they were scored on a very challenging shooting ground famous for its 40 Km/h winds that do not do shooters any favor.

After shooting 7,000 rounds Salvo Piazza sent us his rifle for a dimensional check of its forcing cone. We are very proud to say that we discovered that throat wear had been almost neglectable and the forcing cone had extended by only 0.6mm.

That translates into long term accuracy which is possible only when the quality of the barrel is second to none.

It goes without saying our Salvo Piazza wins because he is an amazing shot. However it does not hurt that he is shooting barrels that guarantee accuracy over time.
Salvo Piazza’s testimonial can be summarized in a few words.

Sabatti barrels are:

  • very high quality steel and construction
  • long lasting- extreme durability
  • consistently accurate

Salvo Piazza told us a shooter needs to be able to “trust his gun”.

This trust is of great emotional help during competition. It is very important to Salvo to know that his rifle will be consistent over long periods of time and will not let him down due to rifling wear especially during a competition when there is no time to replace it. This can often make the difference between winning and losing.

When we at Sabatti introduced our MRR barrel technology (patent pending), we felt we were giving shooters very high performance barrels that would go the distance. And now, thanks to testimonials like Salvo Piazza’s, we know all our factory tests were right

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