The rifle shooting competition season has just started and Sabatti is winning already.

The annual rifle shooting competition of the “Armi e Tiro” hunters’ circuit has just taken place in Rondò di Morca, in the Val Sesia Valley (VC): 200 m. on 6 targets (and 1 as a warm up)

Our Denis Cretier shot in the Varmint Hunter Rifle Category with a Sabatti Hunter competition rifle in cal. 223 and multi-radial MMR barrel.

Denis said:

“I find the rifling profile to be absolutely fantastic and incredibly precise. It is also easy to clean, as the copper residues are minimal.

My rifle has shot approximately 1,000 rounds and its shot patterns are getting more and more consistent.

I scored a winning 50 and 1 bull’s eye. I did that in the first series after two warm up shots.

Afterwards, I shot three more circuit series scoring a 49 and 1 bull’s eye, a 48 and a 47. My rifle has a Nikon Monarch 3 6-24×50 scope.

After the competition in Vicenza, I loaned my Sabatti Hunter competition rifle to my friend and team member Fausto Aimonimo who shot the hunting category in Albettone. Fausto won 2nd place with a total score of 192 points in the “Armi e Tiro” score list.

I shot cartridges made with Lapua brass, a Federal 205 primer, a Sierra mk 69 g. and with 22 g. of Vv No. 133.

This was a lethal combination!

The Sabatti Saphire Varmint

The SABATTI Saphire Varmint Carbon is designed for long distance precision shooting, and yet still easy to carry. Iy’s perfect for your rifle shooting competitions.

This precision rifle is perfect for all types of hunting: from the Alps to the Rocky Mountains where accuracy and light weight are of the maximum relevance.

Light weight is the known enemy of precision.

We have choose to employing the best technology and the most innovative materials on the market to lighten every single component of our rifle and yet keeping the overall rigidity..

The action, fior example, is machined from a block of Ergal 55 which is famous to be rigid, but also very light. The design is state of the art yet modern and refined.

The famous Sabatti Multiradial barrels that are equipping the Saphire Varmint rifle are cold hammer forged first to a muzzle diameter of 16 mm, that reduces weight, and subsequently wrapped in carbon and Kevlar to reach a trunk-conical shape with a diameter of 28mm at the breech and 22 mm at the muzzle.

If you are a US resident you can buy it at