Over the course of 2019 sabatti has added several new firearms to its range including the new st-18 precision tactical rifle.

This tactical rifle is a superior quality product and the result of intense engineering work and courage of vision.

The Sabatti ST-18 Precision Rifle is a totally new chassis design concept where target shooting, dynamic shooting and long-distance competition are all in perfect sync, and use for hunting is also easily achieved. It is definitely what one would call an “all around” Precision gun.

After the initial launch to the trade at IWA 2018, the rifle was introduced to the public at the Sabatti Days 2019 when everybody present was given a chance to shoot the brand new rifle long distance and give their feedback.

Shooters who fired the rifle at 200 and 300 m. really were completely impressed. They were amazed at the totally innovative “out of the box” design, and they truly loved its precision, versatility and durability which all translates in outstanding performance.

The exclusive and ingenious system the Sabatti engineers have devised to connect the frame and chassis in this rifle brings real innovation to the market. Frame and chassis do not touch, but they are connected by means of two steel parts. The frame floats on the chassis thus eliminating all possible stress.

The new sabatti st 18 rifle features a new guillotine-style extraction system that offers real innovation when it comes to safety

The ST 18 rifle comes with a new action designed by Sabatti and BCM in 2017BMC is the world leader in the manufacturing of high precision competition rifles for both target and tactical applications where durability, precision and consistency standards are very high.

The ST 18 has been designed with durability in mind, starting from the selection of best quality material which eliminate any chance of failure due to weakness of material.

The new chassis comes from a block of Ergal 55 with AICS compatible magazine and a very functional release. The butt stock is in PPS (Ryton), the best techno polymer on the market today. It is both super strong and nice to the touch. The cheek piece is easily adjustable

The look of the tubular forend is very modern. The barrel features the Sabatti Multi Radial Rifling System (MRR) that substantially improves performance

To Learn more about this rifle please visit tour website.

If you are a US resident you can buy it at Gunsbroker.com.