Contrary to its predecessor the long distance shooting rifle STR, the new Sabatti “STR SPORT” is definitely competition oriented.

The STR SPORT rifle comes with the Sabatti signature short action and a 3-round magazine in a new and aggressive style Red colour.

The STR is equipped with our famous MRR barrels with 0.8’’(22mm) diameter at the muzzle and 710 mm long.

The bolt action with its interchangeable tactical knob and the external magazine release lever are particularly suitable for the fast pace of competitions.

long distance shooting rifle sabatti

The rifle comes with either the three-lever Match or the new two-stage Match (DSMT) trigger.

Sabatti long distance rifles: naturally born for competitions

The STR is winning in shooting competition both with reloaded or commercial ammunitions in 308 Win.

The Tactical modular butt stock is machined from two solid blocks of high resistance Ergal 55 light alloy. The wider forend features an Anschutz-type bipod-ready rail.

The non-foldable butt stock comes with a lower tube for resting on a standard rear bag allowing enhanced shooting stability. The action features also a 20 MOA steel rail.

The STR Sport is available in these calibers, included the 6,5 Creedmoor:


rifle calibers sabatti

You can easely buy this competition long distance shooting rifle at website if you live in the US.

Why a Sabatti firearm?

Sabatti Firearms Company  has been in the gun and rifles making business for almost 400 years. The experience we acquired has been passed down with no interruption from father to son since then.


Each component of a Sabatti rifle is manufactured in house with the best technology available on the market. By doing that the company has been able to develop a Know How very few manufacturers in the world can boast about.

Our rifles are all 100% made in Italy in Valtrompia, the reagion of Italy well known to be the forge of the best gunmakers of the world in centuries!

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