Riccardo fires the first few rounds and says: This Length of Pull is preventing me from shooting from the same position I have been using with all my other guns, and I am the most familiar with”. And he is right. His arm needs to be slightly up, if he wants the pad to have full contact and absorb the most recoil.

The rifle frame is quite low and no rest is allowed in the “Standard Rifle” discipline. Riccardo fires the rifle as is, but he tells us to consider making a bigger frame in the future.

In order to get the right height, Riccardo has to squeeze his arm closer to his body and rest his hand closer to the trigger guard. This is not the most comfortable position, but he can still manage.

Because of the Length of Pull, which moves the entire gun forward, there is too much space between Riccardo’s face and the diopter. Riccardo could move the diopter backwards, but he decides not to. He wants to change as little as possible at this stage.

The more Riccardo shoots, the more familiar he becomes with the rifle ergonomic and recoil. Just like he did when he shot from the prone position, he starts feeling more at ease. He believes the standard Lapua Scenar 167 grain  is the right load for the test. But he is thinking ahead and, for the test from the kneeling position, he suggests using something lighter (maybe 155 or 150 grains).

The pad on the Standard Rifle is the same we offer as an extra on our Tactical LW: substantial, made of a rather soft rubber mounted on a dovetail aluminum rail, which allows to move it up and down.

Riccardo fires 40 rounds total. A digital thermometer with a sensor is used to monitor how fast the barrel heats up. With an outside temperature of approx. 15° C, the temperature increases very slowly: it reaches 24° C after 20 rounds and ends at 38° C after all 40 rounds are fired. This is probably due to the lowest friction generated by the MultiRadial barrel.

Riccardo is quite satisfied with the results he got firing from the standing position for the first time. And so are we! Let’s keep in mind Riccardo did not make any adjustment through the diopter. He just did what was strictly needed to move the shots closer to the center of the target.

The first image below features the first 10 shots on the right and high on the target (yellow circle). The second picture features the grouping generated by 30 rounds fired after moving the pattern closer to the target (blue circle).

The next test is scheduled on November 19th at the Shooting Grounds in Colle Val d’Elsa. Riccardo will fire from the kneeling position.

See you then!