The 4th edition of the Fiocchi Sabatti Trophy for long distance shooting, took place in Cerreto Sannita.

This long distance shooting competition established itself as an unmissable appointment for the shooting sport lovers.

In spite of the bad weather conditions, more than 60 shooters arrived to the Samnium Shooting Club to take part in this year competitions, including several shooters from foreign countries.

The Trophy is also “politically correct” because counted a large women participation.

The venue managed by the Samnium Shooting Club is an excellent natural range with 8 shooting lines equipped with the latest technologies, and it offers a great visibility on the targets.

Laying on a plateau at an altitude of 900 meters on the sea level is a beautiful field.

During the competition, the athlets tested themselves shooting with the latest Sabatti Tactical rifles and Fiocchi Exacta ammunitions in .308 Winchester caliber.

Fiocchi experts joined us on the shooting lines, sharing pro tips and technical informations with all the shooters ti impove their ability.

Manilo Carlo Mele won the 2019 edition of the Sabatti Trophy, with a score of 100/100 + 3 mouches, finishing atop of the podium of a challenging match affected by the wind.

We extend our congratulations to the organizers and to all participating athletes who competed in the 4th edition of the Trophy – Emanuele Sabatti said – the enthusiasm that these shooters show us, and the quality of their performances, push us to continue the development of our long range rifles, that are entrusted by a growing number of experts and aficionados.

The ST18 Tactical Rifle was  the Queen of the kermesse:

A multipurpose weapon, designed and built for target shooting both at the shooting range, and for dynamic shooting, as well as for long distance competitions and also for every tactical porpouse.

First presented at IWA 2018 in Nuremberg, the ST18 took the lion’s share of Sabatti Day 2019.

Shooting fans waiting at the event were able to try the ST18 in the long distance, 200 and 300 meters, and gave enthusiastic feedback.

The modern and aggressive design is also highly appreciated.

Confirm the characteristics of precision, versatility and resistance that are now the trademark of the home.

Exclusive to this rifle is certainly the innovative fastening system in which the casing and chassis do not touch but are connected via two steel parts, with the action floating on the chassis eliminating all possible tensions.

If you are a US resident you can buy it at