A true field OU shotgun happens when Italian gun making art meets modern manufacturing technology and combines superior handling with exceptional strength and ballistics.

This is exactly what happens with the Sabatti Falcon O/U shotgun, available in two models Falcon EA and Falcon MON versions.

The action is forged from a solid block of high quality nickel chrome steel first and then machined on sophisticated CNC equipment. The action is partly responsible for the perfect balance of this double barreled shotgun that was born from a dedicated project to meet the fundamental needs every hunter has:

  • Dynamic Balance and Handling for truly intuitive mounting and swinging as well as effortless carrying;
  • Robustness for longevity when used for thousands of rounds due to best materials and precision machining;
  • Reliability for uninterrupted use at home or when traveling;
  • Superior Ballistics where point of impact, pattern density and recoil are all in perfect harmony. Barrel convergence is tested at the factory for every gun;
  • Eye Appeal due to the very best in Italian Design and hand finishing work

All of these qualities are found in the new shotgun Sabatti Falcon.

The barrels in Chrome Molybdenum steel are precision drilled, reamed and ground first and then lapped to a mirror finish and chromed lined for durability with all types of shot.

The cocking, percussion and trigger mechanisms rely on the proven system of hammer top engagement. Locking bolts are precision fit to assure safety over thousands of shots.

The pistol grip stock in select walnut is oil polished and, along with the laser art engraved steel action, creates a work of Italian elegance.

This “evergreen” field over and under shotgun comes in 12, 20, 28 ga and .410 bore to satisfy all hunting from heavy duck loads to light loads for quail.

The gun is available with either single trigger and double trigger from the factory.

The Sabatti Falcon featured again in the 2020 catalogue is the very best merging of Italian design, superior handling and offers great  value for the money.

The Falcon is the perfect over and over shotgun for all those upland bird hunters who love hunting over working dogs. In the smaller calibers it lends itself to hunting from a hut or all the challenging Alpine chases. Whether used in the field, blind, mountain slopes or waterfowl marshes, the Falcon guarantees performance at all levels.