Jessica Rubortone wins shooting a Sabatti Rover Custom Competition Rifle with MRR barrel.

Jessica and her competition rifle are a very passionate duo of a young FIDASC shooter and a classic of our production. When we saw her potential, we decided to sponsor her as our Sabatti shooter.

She has definitely not let us down. Jessica has recently won the FIDASC 200 m. Italian Championship in Leonessa di Melfi, shooting our competition bolt-action rifle model Rover Custom in caliber 6,5×47 Lapua with MRR barrels (Multi Radial Rifling).

She not only won 1st place in the Lady Category, but she won 4th place overall competing against 105 shooters, mainly male.

The new patented MRR® system that comes standard on all Sabatti competition rifles and is available on request on our hunting versions, significantly improves barrel performance with either monolithic or conventional bullets.

Our extensive tests clearly demonstrate that barrels in caliber 308 win and 6,5 mm – .264” provided with our MRR® system perform better than barrels with standard rifling in the same calibers, with either monolithic or standard ammunition.

We have measured higher velocity (up to 10% higher than with standard rifling) with no evidence of pressure loss.

In addition to that, barrels last longer thanks to two different rifling radiuses that alternate and slightly deform the bullet, without cutting it. The stress on the bullet is also highly reduced. Shot groups are smaller thanks the very tight tolerances we can keep while manufacturing barrels with the MRR® system.

As a matter of fact, the MRR® barrel rifling profile lends itself perfectly well to our hammer forging process and technology thus improving overall ballistic performance.

The geometry of the forcing cone with the MRR® system makes it possible for the bullet to fit the rifling better – the bullet is actually forced into a better alignment with the barrel.

Copper residues inside the barrel decrease with the MRR ® system compared with standard rifling. Less frequent and easier cleaning are required and less copper has to be removed.

The MRR® system also makes it possible to easily lap the barrel bore with pads and abrasive paper without damaging the rifling edges.

Congratulation Jessica! Thank you from the Sabatti team and good luck with your future competitions.

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