All Sabatti bolt action rifles are equipped with MRR® barrels.

The strengths of the new MRR barrels of our bolt action rifles are:

  1. The bullets are deformed according to an arc of circumference and are not carved as in conventional lines, guaranteeing a longer duration of the barrels
  2. Furthermore, there are no corners that cannot be filled as in the case of lines.
  3. In the MULTIRADIAL reeds, then, two different rays alternate in order to deform the geometry of the bullet just enough to not carve it, thus avoiding excessive stress on the ball.

Tests of MRR barrels mounted on shooting bolt actions have proved to be more efficient than the old barrels with conventional lines, both with classic bullets and with monolithic bullets.

The exit speed is up to 12% higher than a conventional rifling with normal pressure values.

This is because the bullet is able to seal the hole of the barrel much better by limiting the leaks forward of the gases and therefore using the energy of the propellant more efficiently.

Furthermore, the efforts of carving and therefore the friction between the bullet and the barrel are considerably reduced.

The size of the rosettes of all our bolt action rifles has shrunk, this is mainly due to the minimum tolerances we were able to obtain.

This rifling is perfect for the cold hammer forge process, so the geometrical constancy of the rifling profile is excellent all along the barrel which effectively eliminates the barrels from the mediocre results.

Also the fliers have been reduced thanks to the particular geometry of the forcing cone. In fact, the Multi Radial rifling produces a geometrically different forcing cone that inserts the bullet in the grooves more securely and precisely, forcing the bullet to align itself better with the axis of the barrel.

We have also reduced the copper deposits inside the MRR barrels of our precision rifles.

Being inferior in respect, therefore requiring less cleaning and limbing interventions that become less demanding to perform.

Thanks to these characteristics, the MULTIRADIAL rifling continues to collect victories in all long-distance shooting competitions and disciplines.

Also the duration of the performances and the constancy of precision have considerably increased.

Our champion Salvo Piazza won a race with a barrel that had already fired 4,000 rounds.