After the wonderful results we got testing the 308 rifle from the standing and kneeling positions, we are getting closer to the official launch of a new gun. Some more testing in Colle Val d’Elsa is needed.

The combination Sabatti Tactical Action and Anschutz Precise Stock has proven extremely reliable and competitive, even though their fitting requires an adaptor chassis (the Sabatti rifle comes with a 2-screw action while the Anschutz stock is meant for a 4-screw action).

Over the past few months, we at Sabatti have developed our new STR Sport bolt action rifle that, unlike its STR predecessor, is designed for competition shooting.

The 308 rifle STR Sport can be used in Single-Position (prone) Free Shooting Competitions or 3-Position Competitions. Ranzani has been shooting and winning 3-Position competitions throughout the year, but not with an Anschutz stock.

It is now time to give him a red STR stock to test.

Riccardo immediately realizes that very few and simple adjustments are needed to shoot this stock in the traditional 300-m disciplines.

He notices that the rear tube has been removed and the action he won the Italian championship with has been fitted to the stock. The stock comes with an Anschutz-type UIT rail under the forend that is too forward to accommodate the hand stop needed to shoot from the prone and kneeling positions. He will have to start testing the rifle from the standing position.

Riccardo removes the rubber recoil pad and replaces it with an Anschutz free shooting rifle pad with adjustable base and curved hook. Swapping them is safe, fast and simple as diameters of the holes and distances between the holes are the same.

Six screws connect the forend, originally designed for TLD competions, long distance shooting, to the body of the stock. It is way too long and makes the rifle barrel heavy.

Riccardo temporarily removes the forend for testing purposes – the rifle immediately becomes more comfortable and balanced (if the test results are good, we will need to make a shorter forend with a longer rail).

The LOP is easily adjustable. As we already know by now, the rifle designed for TLD is way too long. After shortening it by several centimeters, Riccardo reduces it by another 5 cm by using the pad support adjustment.

With no forend, Riccardo cannot use the traditional rest while shooting from the standing position. He decides to go with a 5-round magazine.

The 308 rifle is fire tested at the shooting grounds in Colle Val d’Elsa – this will be the reference for all 300-m tests.

We at Sabatti have been working with Fiocchi in Long Distance Shooting Competitions for ages and we have been a winning Duo. All our bolt action rifles and shooting rifles are tested with Fiocchi ammunitions. This year, for instance, one of our rifles won the Italian TLD1 competition with standard Fiocchi ammunition. That is the reason why we have asked Fiocchi to be with us on this new adventure, support us in the development and provide us with Fiocchi Perfecta in 308 w, 167 grains.

Riccardo is ready to fire: 10 rounds without looking at the target, focusing on the position acquired and the rifle response to fire. He has a great first impression. Mounting is natural and comfortable. The rifle responds well and is on target.

For being a brand new set up, the results of the first 10 rounds are amazing. The group can be described as such: 4 rounds in approx. 0.5 MOA (red line), 7 rounds in approx. 1 MOA (yellow line), 10 rounds in less than 2 MOA (blue line).

The decision to use Fiocchi ammunition is the best we could have made. This 308 rifle and ammunition are meant for each other. Riccardo shoots 35 rounds total from the standing position. He has no rest and just metallic sights: groups are great.

Now we must test the rifle from the other 2 positions.

The prototype of this shooting competition rifle needs to go back to Sabatti in Gardone for the first adjustments. We need to shorten the stock by approx. 2 cm and build a forend suitable for shooting from the kneeling and standing position.

Let’s see what we come up with!