A precision competition of the Sabatti family of tactical bolt action rifles for long distance “Tactical” shooting.

The new precision high resistance composite stock greatly improves shooting stability and consistency. Its cheek piece system allows complete adjustability.


The muzzle diameter ranges between 22 and 28 mm, which allows better rigidity, reduces vibrations and guarantees less shot dispersion. The barrels in Chrome Molybdenum steel can come with the new MRR Multiradial Rifling (see caliber table), where the bullets are not severely deformed as happens with traditional and polygonal rifling, and accuracy is greatly enhanced. Also there is no sharp corner to fill like in polygonal rifling.

The MRR system, of the Sabatti tactical bolt action rifles, significantly extends the life cycle of the barrel. With multi-radial barrels two different radiuses alternate in order to slightly misshape the bullet geometry without cutting it and submitting it to extreme stress.

The rifle comes standard with a fully adj. cheek piece and spacers to adjust LOP. The trigger mechanism is a 3-position Match. The Tactical LW version features an adjustable laminated stock. On request, action and barrels on both models can feature a matt blue finish or a matt Cerakote™ Crushed Silver H/255 finish. Her sister Tactical Syn is equipped with a syntetic stock.


The ceramic Cerakote™ finish improves resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion. Both rifle models come cased from the factory.