The brand new Saphire is a cutting edge among the deer hunting rifles that shows a totally different action compared with the oldest Rover rifle.

This elegant and modern action represents the best of the “Made in Italy” when it comes to beauty and precision. The action machined from a solid block of Ergal 55 aluminum alloy features two integrated Picatinny rails for fast fitting and regulation of sighting devices. The bolt with 3 front lugs is no longer a monolithic piece but is made in three parts: the head, the body and the handle. This allows a more accurate manufacturing of the parts, the use of different kind of steel and heat treatments based on the mechanical features required.

The bolt moves very smoothly after assembly and its floating head guarantees perfect contact on all 3 lugs thus enhancing precision. The barrels in AISI 4140 steel (42CrMo4) are all cold-hammer forged and their Multiradial Rifling (MMR) improves accuracy and guarantees longer barrel life, easy cleaning and higher bullets speed.

The threaded muzzle of our deer hunting rifles is “break ready”. The deer-hunting version comes with interchangeable barrels (and tools) on request.

The barrel extension of our bolt action rifles made of NiCrMo steel is hardened and tempered by a special process to improve hardness on the surface and tenacity in the heart; it is the most important part of the gun and the safety is entirely related to this piece together with the bolt head.

There are 2 different types of trigger mechanism: standard (1.2 Kg pull) or Set Trigger (standard pull weight of 1.5 Kg that can be reduced to 250g). They are interchangeable and can be replaced by a gunsmith.

The current safety is a typical 2-position side lever that locks trigger and sear but will be soon available as a 3-position safety.
The deer hunting rifles comes with a standard synthetic stock (model Saphire SYN), a Thumbhole stock (model Saphire Thumbhole), or a stock in select walnut (Model Saphire).


The Sabatti Saphire deer hunting rifles comes in the following groups of calibers:

Group A Group B Group C
243 Win. 270 Win. 7mm Rem.Mag.
308 Win. 7×57 300 Win.Mag.
7mm Rem. S.A.U.M. 7×64  
7mm-08 Rem. 6,5x55SE  

You can switch from one caliber to another in the same group by replacing the barrels; if the calibers are not in the same group, magazine, magazine box and bolt head shall also be replaced.

Sabatti action

The receiver is machined from a solid block of Ergal 55 aluminum alloy and features two solid Picatinny rails to easily fit the mounting solution of your choice and regulate your gun. The 3-front-lug bolt with 60 ° locking consists of three main parts: head, body and handle.

  • The body heat-treated and ground moves very smoothly allowing fast repetition.
  • The head in special steel undergoes a thorough heat treatment that makes it strong, but not brittle and therefore able to withstand the high pressure generated by the explosion in the body. The floating head guarantees perfect contact in the barrel extension with all three lugs thus improving precision.
  • A 5/16” thread allows to easily switch bolt handle and go from a traditional spoon-shaped hunting handle to a very tactical one.

The most important part of the gun in terms of accuracy and safety is the “barrel extension” with bolt head in NiCrMo steel. This undergoes a special heat treatment for a hard surface with a strong core allowing superior strength and longevity.

The interchangeable barrels are surely fixed to the barrel extension by means of 3 M6 screws that can be removed and replaced using the hexagonal wrench provided.