The Big Five EDL side-by-side double express rifle is built on a Sabatti proprietary action entirely machined from a solid block of hot forged high-resistance steel to withstand the pressures generated by very big calibers.

  • All dimensions of this side by side rifle are oversized to get the extraordinary strength needed to resist the pressures generated by Africans Big Game Express cartridges.
  • The EDL version features very finely engraved side plates and high grade selected walnut.
  • Barrels in Chrome Molybdenum Steel:
    • The bars of steel we use are all induction treated at the steel mill which translates into a longer life cycle of our barrels over that of traditional carbon steel.
    • High resistance alloys are used to weld ribs on to the barrels, which preserves the original barrel regulation even after heavy use.
  • Our express rifle barrels are cold hammer forging.

  • We rifle all our barrels by cold deformation rather than simply by subtractive manufacturing, which results in improved dimensional consistency and allows us to use steels with better mechanical characteristics (harder).
  • Refined design and comfort:
    • Drop and cast help with instinctive shooting during hunting actions.
    • The selected grade of walnut stock with full cheek-piece, and the beavertail forearm, are hand checkered and oil finished. They help handle recoil

In USA this rifle is distributed by: Italian Firearms Group