The Rover, among our range of deer hunting rifles, is the bolt action rifle that made Sabatti famous.

Manual repeating bolt action rifle specifically designed for easier precision long range hunting and shooting also in extreme conditions.

  • Walnut stock  heckered by hand and oil polished
    • Rubber recoil pad
  • Our barrels are Cold hammer forging:
    We rifle all our barrels of our deer hunting rifles by cold deformation rather than simply by subtractive manufacturing, which results in improved dimensional consistency and allows us to use steels with better mechanical characteristics (harder).
  • Our frames and bolts are entirely machined from solid bars of Ni-Cr steel for improved resistance to wear and corrosion.
    They are subsequently heat treated to achieve maximum strength and durability over time.

    Accessories for our range of deer hunting rifler Rover:

    • On request we provide on our Rover Picatinny rails entirely machined from solid bars of steel. They come with 7MOA, 20MOA or 30MOA based on the required shooting distance.
    • Mounts with separate bases and 25.4mm or 30mm rings are compatible with those for the model Rem.700.
    • On request we provide Picatinny rails entirely machined from solid bars of steel. They come with 7MOA, 20MOA or 30MOA depending on the required shooting distance.
  • The Rover is also available for left hand hunters.

All the range of our bolt action rifles and shotguns are distrinuted in USA and Canada by Italianfirearms Group.

Sabatti action

Back in 1985 the industrial designers and engineers at FIAS (Fabbrica Italiana Armi Sabatti, now Sabatti) were challenged to design an action that would compete with the most popular US actions. They did so by incorporating the best features of all bolt action rifles sold in the USA in just one action. Expectations were not only met but also exceeded and, 35 years later, this extremely versatile action is still widely used for hunting, competition, long-distance shooting and training.

The action is manufactured by state of the art high tech casting of best quality steel alloys subsequently machined on the most advanced CNC equipment. The same applies to the bolt with its solid handle and two Mauser-style tenons. Both action and bolt are heat treated after machining for superior resistance and durability.

This traditional 2-tenon action with 90 degrees bolt opening may be less fluid and slightly slower to operate than newer 3-tenon actions. However, military troops, hunters and shooters have used it for over 120 years accumulating endless experience that translates in unmatchable reliability. Robust contact surfaces between tenons, bolt and frame combined with the long travel of the firing pin make this action perfectly suitable even under the worst weather conditions.

The solid recoil lug also plays an important role in increasing the overall solidity of the action and reducing vibration to the benefit of precision.

And for all the reasons above shooters of all ages and provenance still choose Sabatti rifles built on Rover actions and love them!