The latest shotgun in addition to the Sabatti Range

Available in either a traditional “Steel” version or a “Light” version, the Excelium over and under shotgun embodies everything the Sabatti brand stands for its hunting shotguns: modernity, elegance, beauty and unbeatable value for the money. The “Excelium Steel” is an “all purpose hunting companion” for those hunters who love to hunt with dogs, under any conditions. The “Excelium Light”, on the other hand, is definitely a shotgun designed for alpine hunting and dedicated lady hunters.

The Excelium over and under shotgun in either version features a cocking, percussion and trigger system where it is the upper part of the hammers that hits the firing pins.  The barrels of the Excelium over and under gun come from bars of Chrome Molybdenum steel forged, bored and ground first and subsequently lapped and chrome lined.

The action of the Excelium is machined from a solid steel forging in the traditional version or a block of “Ergal 55” aluminum alloy in the light version, then nickel-treated.

The new Sabatti field shotgun available in 12ga, 20ga, 28ga and .410 bore comes standard with single selective trigger and extractors; double triggers and ejectors are available on request. The barrels feature interchangeable choke tubes for maximum adaptability to all types of hunting. Stocks and forends in select walnut are checkered and oil polished.

The Excelium is now available from all top dealers. Print out this technical data sheet and go to your trusted retailer.

The shotgun is distributed in USA and Canada by Italian firearms Group