Riccardo fires the first few rounds and says: "This Length of Pull is preventing me from shooting from the same position I have been using with all my other guns, and I am the most familiar with". And he is right. His arm needs to be slightly up, if he

By | 20 November 2017|

A new challenge at Sabatti: The New Standard Rifle

If we had to rank shooting disciplines from the hardest to the easiest, we would have a hard time to come up with the same list. They are all hard. They all require effort, dedication and an almost devotional passion. However, we would all agree that Standard Rifle shooting at

By | 17 November 2017|

Competition Bolt Action rifles – Victorious young women ……

Jessica Rubortone wins shooting a Sabatti Rover Custom Rifle with MRR barrel. Jessica is a very passionate young FIDASC shooter. When we saw her potential, we decided to sponsor her as our Sabatti shooter. She has definitely not let us down. Jessica has recently won the FIDASC 200 m. Italian

By | 10 May 2017|

Competition rifles: MRR barrels winning more and more

  The competition season has just started and Sabatti is winning already. The annual competition of the “Armi e Tiro” hunters’ circuit has just taken place in Rondò di Morca, in the Val Sesia Valley (VC): 200 m. on 6 targets (and 1 as a warm up) Our Denis Cretier

By | 10 May 2017|
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