Different types of actions featured on Sabatti rifles.

Sabatti has been manufacturing top quality high performance rifles for over 400 years. Dedicated teams in the Sabatti factory specialize in material research, design, engineering, production and assembly of our firearms. Each is tested for accuracy and reliability. Sabatti rifles feature three main types of action: Rover action: designed and

By | 8 March 2019|

The Tactical Field is an accurate and fast bolt action rifle. 

This rifle sets itself apart from all other bolt action rifles for its exceptional accuracy and modern and captivating design. This is definitely one of the most sought after rifles on the market today. Faster bullets, better shot groups and less fliers are some of the pluses offered by this

By | 8 March 2019|

Shot Show Las Vegas 2019

Also for this year we will exhibit at Las Vegas Shot Show! The SHOT SHOW is a dedicated event for suppliers to present their products to shooting, hunting and outdoor manufacturers. We are waiting for you from 22nd to 25th January 2019 Our Stand is number 11935

By | 16 January 2019|

Mini Ranger in .410 bore, a side-by-side shotgun for all those hunters who appreciate fast and accurate shooting

A small caliber side-by-side shotgun that challenges even the most experienced shooters. The Mini Ranger side-by-side shotgun in .410 bore differs from all other firearms thanks to its “baby” frame and mechanism perfectly designed and scaled to the bore. This small caliber shotgun is ideal for experienced hunters who truly

By | 26 November 2018|

Tactical Life – Sabatti goes Tattical

One of italiy's finest gun-makers crafts a hard-hitting precision rifle for Americans. By David Bahde PRECISION RIFLES HAVE CHANGED CONSIDERABLY OVER THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS. Early in my law enforcement carrer, 24-inch barrels were common on these rifles, and if you were engaging at father distance, a 26-inch barrel might

By | 19 September 2018|
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