Tactical Life – Sabatti goes Tattical

One of italiy's finest gun-makers crafts a hard-hitting precision rifle for Americans. By David Bahde PRECISION RIFLES HAVE CHANGED CONSIDERABLY OVER THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS. Early in my law enforcement carrer, 24-inch barrels were common on these rifles, and if you were engaging at father distance, a 26-inch barrel might

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GunsAndAmmo – Sabatti STR

Sabatti STR - Italian Sports Car meets tactical rifle. By Patrick Sweeney "I can't get a lock on the steel, but I got a reading on a rock at 1.400 yards out. The target looks at least a couple hundred past that. I took scientific (wild) guess, hels the reticle

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GunsDigest – Sabatti’s gem: The Saphine.

Sabatti's gem - The Saphire - is a new Italian bolt gun that features genuine innovation in barrel rifling. "The Saphire's receiver is machined from aluminum; the bolt locks up with the barrel, and barrels can be switched, making it a different cat entirely" Download PDF  

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The new Sabatti field over and under shotgun Excelium

Our already extensive line of shotguns designed for upland hunting has been further enhanced with the new Excelium, an over and under shotgun that embodies everything Sabatti stands for: modernity, elegance and great value for the money. In other words: a new MUST in the Sabatti catalogue. The O/U currently

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The 30th Edition of the Safari Club International Italian Chapter Trophy Awards took place in the splendid setting of the hunting reserve “La Selva di Montese” in Modena on Saturday 30th June, 2018. The competition was open to different categories, including double rifles:  30 seconds to shoot four rounds at

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