Raoul Raucci set a new record shooting its SABATTI rifle model Tactical at the Samnium Shooting Club where he scored 100 points at 500 m. with 8 bull’s eyes.

This is evidence that all Sabatti shooting rifles, even entry-level ones, not only perform superbly, but they go the distance.

The record was set on July 2nd, 2017 in Cerreto Sannita in the gorgeous Benevento province of Italy. Raucci shot a Sabatti Tactical rifle in caliber 6,5×47 Lapua with laminated stock and 66-cm long barrel, 28 mm in diameter. Vihtavuori powder and Lapua Scenar 139-grain bullets were used to reload.12 shots in a 6×8 rectangle i.e. half MOA with 12 rounds at 500 m.

Raoul Raucci’s amazing performance becomes even more remarkable if one considers the fact that his SABATIER long distance rifle model Tactical had already shot 10,000 without having anything done to the barrels.

Congratulations to our shooter who made the best out of his firearm – Well done Raoul!