Ranzani’s tests and trainings with our prototype 308 rifle STR.

It is very early morning on 20th November in Colle Val d’Elsa in the beautiful region of Tuscany in Italy.

After getting wonderful results from the standing and prone positions with his 308 rifle with MRR barrels, Riccardo Ranzani is getting ready to fire from the kneeling position anticipating the same positive results.

The kneeling position is the most important one as it opens the competition. The shooter sits on his right foot with his knee on the ground, while his left foot creates a triangle that works as a supporting base.

The shooter’s left arm sits on his left kneecap and firmly holds the gun, which reduces the effect of vibration while shooting.

Riccardo has already worked on acquiring his position with his 308 rifle. He has prepared the gun, adjusted his pad and hand stop. Now he can focus on perfecting his aim.

He will be firing his Sabatti shooting rifle and Fiocchi Perfecta ammunition in 167 g.

He starts by firing 5 shots without ever looking at the target. He immediately realizes that the stock is too long. The 308 rifle is too forward – the position is not technically correct. The stock needs to be approximately 3 cm shorter.

The 308 rifle is on target. Riccardo scores two 8s, two 9s and one 10 to begin with.

Acquiring a good kneeling position is never easy. When the position is right, the rifle will lift and then go right back down on target. However, it always takes a few rounds to get there. It takes Riccardo 40, this time.

Looking at the deviation in his groups, Ranzani believes there is something wrong in the way his shoulder touches the pad. He shoots 2 series of 10 rounds each, with a brief interval in between. He takes a look at the outcome. The incorrect shoulder/pad contact and the excessive length of pull are responsible for a deviation to the right. That being said, and considering that some adjustments are necessary, the result is still pretty good.

Ranzani’s Standard Rifle needs to head back to us at Sabatti for his first “pit-stop” where we will take care of all necessary adjustments.

See you in in 2 weeks in Colle Val d’Elsa for the second round of tests!